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You Gonna Eat That? Wild Acre Camp Bowie

Wild Acre Camp Bowie is where a beloved brewhouse in Fort Worth had visions of expansion. So they opened this brewery and restaurant concept that really works. This is not a situation where they phone it in on the food, it's good. Think, elevated bar food, that still very much feels like you're having a drink with your pals or family.

Downside here is they just serve beer and wine, no liquor/mixed drinks. I completely understand why they do not, but I'd come here more often if they did. I can't really drink beer or wine anymore, my stomach isn't impressed. So, things like Ranch Waters are my go-to since they don't have the sugar and hops and such that hurt me.

The chef behind the food is David Hollister. None other than the mind behind Gas Monkey and some of Yucatan Taco - however what my stomach best remembers him for is the short-lived Dagwood's Grinders and Growlers. That place was SO SO good and I was devastated to lose it almost as soon as I had found it. I'm really glad Wild Acre reached out to him to get him involved here, as he continues his tradition of gourmet sandwiches with scratch made ingredients.

They don't play with the portions here. I always have leftovers or someone to share it with, no matter what I seem to get up to there. Their charcuterie boards, especially the German one, are packed to the brim and feed well more than 2 adults... seriously. Very much designed for sharing.

They also have a weekly featured sandwich that rotates. Their Hoagie Bulgogi was the most recent one I had and I really hated to leave half of it on the plate, but I just couldn't handle it all myself.


Wild Acre Camp Bowie is AMERICAN food with a pub focus.


  • Appetizers - $5-15

  • Entrees - $8-22


Wild Acre Camp Bowie is, you guess it, located off Camp Bowie in the Ridglea area of Fort Worth at 6473 Camp Bowie Blvd.


Parking is really easy here. They have a big parking lot that they share with the other businesses, but it isn't a heavily trafficked place, so most of the parking is used by WACB and The Lazy Daisy Coffee (my fav coffee shop in town also).


The atmosphere at WACB is very much what a brewery/food combo concept should be. It has an industrial feel with lots of wood and metal working together. They have a large bar, good size indoor dining room, and a large covered outdoor patio with TV and fans.

It is decorated well, balancing too minimal with too much. It's a thoughtfully planned and designed atmosphere. They have large and small tables to accommodate most needs and the inside allows a glimpse at the beer tanks... always a nice touch.


  • Kids - They can move around a bit and not bother folks and they have a few kids meals with sandwiches. No chicken strips here, but burgers and sandwiches the kids will like.

  • Pets - I don't see many dogs here honestly, but it's been a bit too hot for most people to sit on the patio lately. But there is outdoor dining so it is an option.

  • Happy Hour - Great gathering place with a really good and long list of beers and snacks.

  • Patio - This is where I sit most all of the time, even when it's toasty out. They keep a nice cross-breeze going with their fans and inside places tends to be too cold for me in summer around here, as the AC gets cranked up pretty much everywhere.


I've been way more times that I realized. This particular visit was dinner on a Wednesday night with my family, around 5/530pm (we eat early, my kids are young and get hangry, as do I). We parked easily and service was normal, not overwhelmed.

I was there more recently for lunch during #FortWorthBurgerWeek where local participating restaurants offer a featured burger for $5 and proceeds go to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. WACB offered their Chef's Burger, an Akaushi Wagyu Burger on Butter Toasted Brioche with a Balsamic Onion Jam, Chicharron Fried Jalapenos, Arugula, Tillamook Cheddar, Nueske Cherrywood Smoked Bacon and a Fried Egg - normally $14.

I removed the egg because I can't have it, but I'm sure it's even better with that.

That balsamic onion jam is apparently MY jam! The burger is crusty and there is a nice blend of flavors from sweet to salty. I didn't notice the jalapeno as much when it was ON the burger, but when I ate one separately it had a little spice. I added a side of Yucca fries that day. Oh, and a Juicy Bingo IPA for good measure.


Some of the things I've had or still want to try:

  1. Spam Fries - these really are as delicious as they can be! My kids call them "protein fries" and ask for them on their own accord. I'm going to suggest you try the non-spicy ones because the spicy are, well, so spicy I can't taste the spam fry.

  2. Beer Cheese Soup - made with their Texas Blonde beer.

  3. Rueben Sandwich - pretty sure no explanation is needed here.

  4. The Ridiculousness Burger - double patty, piled high with all kinds of fun like bacon, sausage, and a fried egg.

  5. All the Hot Dogs - I can't pick one. They are all so good and it's hard to find a high-quality hot dog situation, and they have THREE top-notch ones!

What I had today:

  1. German-Style Charcuterie Board - Toasted Rye Bread, Sauerkraut, Bratwurst, Black Forest Ham, Butterkase Cheese, Camembert with Roast Garlic & Thyme, Gherkins, Pretzel, Stoneground Mustard, Sweet Mustard.


The family and I shared a German Charcuterie since we weren't super starving. News flash, we still had food left on the board. Not the gherkins though... my kids make sure no pickled soldiers get left behind for sure.

This board is a solid, high-quality, blend of salty, sweet, smoky and a little spice.

The toasted rye bread with the sauerkraut, camembert, and stoneground mustard was my husband's favorite part. The pretzels with the same toppings were my fav. Our kids get down on the ham, bratwurst, gherkins, and pretzels.

This is such an easy board to share with a crowd and still leave very full - not like the typical charcuterie can be. This baby is filling! Just LOOK at it!


Big portions. Bring friends or just be okay with leaving some food on the plate... or leaving in a food coma - one of the two.

Friendly staff. Many of the bartenders also work at other places I frequent so it's nice to have that "Cheers" atmosphere in a few places around town.

I really like how they rotate a special sandwich or hot dog weekly. They always sound so delicious and it's nice to have the option to try something new.


Wild Acre Camp Bowie is a go-to for me. We are here at least once every couple of weeks, sometimes more frequently. The food is always good, the beers are plentiful, staff is nice, and the parking is easy.

This west side of town is having a food revolution and I really believe if places like WACB continue to come this way and plant roots, this area of town is going to blossom again and transition to a younger and perhaps "hipper/hipster" vibe - which I welcome with open arms!

I will remind you of the Spam Fries just one more time before I go. They are as amazing as they sound, I crave them, I eat them with no guilt (mostly)... it's protein after all!

- Monica

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