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Poetry Corner - The Unexpected Deep

The Unexpected Deep

By: Monica Stanley

How did you do that?

How did you know?

Showing up at the exact right moment...

who told you so?

Who ratted me out?

Who is to blame for this?

Who told you exactly what to do,

to make me only want your kiss?

Life is full of surprises.

This being one of the best.

You know each and every button,

clearly hidden from the rest.

Deep from the jump.

Deeper still.

Asking us to continue diving...

for this, I will.

Time has changed so much,

but not who we are at our core.

You can have it if you want it.

The keys to the kingdom are yours.

Respect it for the gift it will be,

give it the attention it deserves,

and you can have all of me.

I will dive into the unexpected deep.

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