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Travel Time - Mindfulness Journey in Dripping Springs Texas

"Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think."

- Buddha

I've long maintained a meditation practice throughout my life. The consistency and commitment to it have ebbed and flowed over time.

A couple of years ago I rededicated myself to the practice and do it pretty much daily.

I certainly notice a difference in how mindfulness and the shape of ones thoughts affect your mental and physical states.

Sometimes the "daily dose" isn't quite enough and you need a booster. Life will never not be chaotic or challenging. I seek out places that allow me the time and space to just "be", sit with my thoughts, and restore balance. A little over a year ago I came across 13 Acres Retreat in Dripping Springs, Texas. It is a mindfulness community and glamping retreat in the Hill Country west of Austin.

This particular trip was my third. Each time I go there is something, or several somethings, new to experience. They are always expanding, growing, and improving the experience. The beautifully decorated cabins, fantastic outdoor shower, and mindfulness programs they offer make this a place I get itchy to go back to about every 6 months. I actually think it gets better each time.

I enjoyed the sunset hike, group meditation, and of course the morning yoga on the deck. The folks that stay here are friendly and respectful of everyone's journey and space. It's communal and you can make new friends or spend your time in solitude - it's all welcome here.

When the sky is clear the sunsets are really fantastic here. Reading, meditating, and just resting on the deck are worth the trip by itself. But I sure do appreciate the rest of the amenities. This go-round I had a solid spiritual experience before yoga class on the deck my final morning. This place will do that to you if you let it.

As always, I explored a few other places and spaces - and FOOD was most certainly involved! You can for sure expect BBQ was on the menu, more than once! This trip was Proof & Cooper and Gummies BBQ at 12 Fox Brewery. I also had some very delicious crab-stuff portobello mushrooms in Austin, at Garbo's, on my drive back home.

As far as exploring goes, I checked out the Texas Hill Country Olive Company, where I had some wine and a fabulous selection of veggie puree crostini. The spicy beet was my favorite! It was a lovely, yet windy, day on the patio. I didn't do the tour but I did go home with some Harissa-infused Olive Oil and jalapeno stuffed olives.

I also spent some time hiking at Pedernales State Park one afternoon. This place has so many different terrains and spaces. It's really hard to not take a million photos because there is just so much to see and appreciate here. I was thankful it was overcast. Otherwise, I'd have had to get in the water to cool off because it can get really hot when the sun is bouncing off those rocks!

I'm not going to go into the nitty gritty of my personal mindfulness experience, just suffice it to say, the trip did exactly what I needed it to. I was there to seek balance and to be grounded. Great success.

If you're looking to do the same. I can't recommend 13 Acres in Dripping Springs more highly. It's never a matter of "so long" with them, but more "see you next time."

Til next time,


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