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Family Fun Day - Tricky Fish & Pinspiration

For the first time in, I seriously cannot remember how long, the girls and I had no commitments or required items to handle this Saturday. We were totally free and, frankly, had no clue what to get up to!

The weather was cold and rainy, so going for a walk along the Trinity was out. There weren't any movies in the theater we cared to see. Bowling, Arcades, and many activities were off the table since Mila's arm is currently broken. What are some girls supposed to do?

We decided to have a super leisurely morning, then go for lunch at Tricky Fish, do some crafting at Pinspiration, and then home again for some additional leisure.

We made good choices. The beauty of our new apartment is we could do all of those things on foot - no car needed. It'd have been nice if it weren't cold and drizzly, but we survived just fine.

Tricky Fish was serving brunch at this time, but they also offer their regular menu if you'd rather go that route. I went for the Fried Green Tomatoes and Shrimp. Poppy, predictably did the Chicken Strips and Fries, but did ask for a side of Bacon. Mila went traditional and got Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, and Bacon. Her only comment was she'd have preferred some cheese on her eggs - noted. I also had a Paloma because I could

Mila even got a little Cha-Cha in while we were at it!

After filling our bellies we walked to Pinspiration to get our crafting on!

Mila changed her mind on which project she wanted to do no less than 5 times. Poppy's first choice wasn't available, but the dreamcatcher she had as her backup was. In fact, they both wound up choosing to make dreamcatchers in the 11th hour. I painted a wooden semi-circle and wove yarn to it to make some wall decor I can hang at the new place!

We had a blast! The girls loved getting to choose whatever they heck they wanted to put on their craft, using the glue gun, and talking about all the ways their dreamcatchers were going to protect them.

My craft was a bit more time consuming, but easier than I thought it was going to be. Thankfully I remembered to put some yellow paint under the gold so it actually pops. No surprise I went for green and gold. I didn't like the brighter greens they had so I mixed in some black to bring it to the dark side - my style. The yarn has gold thread woven in as well - again, very "on brand" for me. The biggest challenge now is figuring out where I'm going to hang it!

After we finished our crafting fun, we walked in the cold drizzle back to our apartment. All the while the girls prattled on about how much fun it was and what crafts they were going to pick next time! Made my little Grinch heart swell up a few sizes.

It was a really good outing for we gals and a perfect use of our day. A little fun and a little rest. Just my style.

- Monica

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