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You Gonna Eat That? - Zoli's Pizza & Pasta, Fort Worth

It's time to jump into one of my favorite food groups - PASTA!!!

Here is something you need to know about me. I love carbs. I L.O.V.E. CARBS!!! Like, it's not natural how much I love the carbs!

It's not just my taste buds either, I promise! My blood sugar drops hard and fast if I haven't had sufficient (albeit higher than some folks) amounts of carbs. And PASTA happens to be one of my fav ways (shut your mouth about the health aspect - I don't need that kind of negativity in my life currently!) to get those carbs.

There are lots of places to have "decent" Italian food, and a few that you can get the "pretty stinkin' good" stuff. One of those places is Zoli's Pizza & Pasta in Fort Worth.

The pasta is made locally, the atmosphere couldn't be more kid-friendly, and it's adjacent to a bomb-ice cream joint, Cow Tipping Creamery. Not a whole heck of a lot more you could ask for honestly.

As with most pasta places, the portion size seems a bit inappropriate, so you might look to share with your pals! We typically do it "family-style" and order a couple meals for sharing and never leave questioning if we should perhaps, discretely, pop the button on the pants we are wearing that day. Just do it. You're in the trust tree amongst friends.

So let's hop to it.

The atmosphere is funky with a big open feel that's hard to find in the city. Frankly, I forget we are in the middle of town when we are here. If you have kids, the prime spot is the patio so you can watch their antics and enjoy a smidgen of time to yourself... if the odds are ever in your favor.

Lots of space and things for the kids to do though, so SUPER kid-friendly! If you ask my kids where they want to have dinner, this is always on the top 4 short-list. Getting them to leave can be an issue - just warning you, it's that fun for them!

You can have apps, salads, "tasteful noods" (noodles) as they call it, pizza, and dessert - and booze for those parents waiting for me to get to the important FAQ here. Actually, they have lots of fun cocktails, beers, and wines so you're in good hands here. I have not had a single thing here that I was like, "meh, it's ok"... it's all good.

This particular visit was myself and my two little girls so we split an order of Chicken Fettucine Alfredo and the Return of the Mac (mac & cheese)... and perhaps a Tanglewood Twist (Limoncello Margarita & Strawberry Bellini Swirl) or two... The fettucine is so creamy and light feeling you'll forget you're eating pasta. The Mac & Cheese has such a fun pasta shape with phenomenal texture and a superbly rich yet delicate cheese sauce. CHEESY!!!

The girls played and played as usual. Making a multitude of friends. That's the crazy thing about this place. All the kids just jump right in to playing with one another like they have been friends for the longest time and all know the rules to whatever game they are currently making up!

Anywho... the food itself! My kids eat so well here and so do I! You can't go wrong on the quality of ingredients. We clearly hammered this food and STILL had leftovers for the house.

Look forward to our many return adventures to, as my kid's call it, Zoli-oli-oli's!!!

So full...


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