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You Gonna Eat That? The Biscuit Bar

I've passed by The Biscuit Bar many times in the my Stockyard travels. I've always intended to stop and check it out and I finally had the opportunity to do so recently.

The Biscuit Bar is pretty much what it sounds like, but they also have copious tater tot options and a full bar. Let me be real, the main reason I went in here was for the tots. I know! Blasphemy in a biscuit restaurant, but this gal loves her taters, especially fluffy crispy tots made fresh in-house!!!

This is a fast-casual place, something they definitely needed more of in the Stockyards. The Biscuit Bar has several locations, but they are most certainly a "local" chain. Their original location is Plano and they have others throughout DFW.

It is family-owned by Jake and Janie Burkett, and Jacob Allen. It was born from a family tragedy and is testament to how food can heal and help you overcome and move forward.

Let's get to it!


The Biscuit Bar is AMERICAN, dare I say SOUTHERN, food.


  • Biscuits - $3-14

  • Tots - $4-9

  • Salads (they have those too!) - $9-12


The Biscuit Bar is located in the Historic Stockyards District at 128 East Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth. They are in the Mule Alley development, right near the beautiful horse statues.


Parking isn't really available right up front. You'll need to use a lot or something like that nearby and walk, like much of the Stockyards. The lots are usually between $5-10 for the day, depending on the day you are there. The Stockyards has really been designed to encourage folks to take a stroll amongst the shops and sights.


Inside is a well decorated fast-casual place, that feels a bit more special than a Chipotle, for example. There is plenty of seating, a large bar, and a patio as well.

You'll see neon signs with colloquial sayings like "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit". It's cute.

The decor feels like a giant southern kitchen really, plaid undertones included!

It was quite busy and it can get a bit noisy but I happen to love taking my kids to those places to remove any embarrassment from them needing to be a bit louder than I'd like.

All in all, it is a cute and welcoming atmosphere.


  • Kids - Very kid friendly from the atmosphere to the food.

  • Patio - Cute little patio right on the promenade of Mule Alley. Great for people watching!


I went here for an early brunch on a Saturday. I arrived around 9am and was able to walk straight to the counter to order. However, about 9:30am... all that changed. There was a steady stream of folks from that point on. But the service and speed didn't suffer, so they are well prepared for that type of quick-rush it seems.


Some of the things that sound like I need to come back:

  1. Chicken and Not a Waffle - southern fried chicken & biscuit french toast

  2. Hot Hot Chicken - southern fried Nashville-style hot chicken, dill pickles, house-made ranch

  3. El Jefe - slow roasted pulled pork, sliced smoked ham, pickles, monterrey jack cheese, dijon aioli

  4. Taco Style Tater Tots - house-made cheese sauce, taco meat, pico de gallo, sour cream

  5. The F.A.B.B. - sweet fig preserves, arugula, crispy bacon, brie

What I had today:

  1. Biscuit and Gravy - biscuit & house-made sausage gravy

  2. Sweet Potato Tots


I really liked the concept and how many options there were. I will definitely be back to try some of those other items on the menu.

The biscuit was good - buttery and flaky like it's supposed to be. The gravy had a good flavor and texture. I could have used a bit more sausage in the gravy for my personal preference. It was easy to eat well worth the $5 I paid for it.

The sweet potato tots are home-made for sure, so they don't have that ultra-crisp like you get from the frozen type. They are crispy, don't get me wrong, but that have a softer, creamier center like fresh tots do. I really liked them and how easy they were to eat. Next time I'm bringing friends so we can sample more of the tot varieties!

My downside was my Ranch Water. The person taking my order didn't tell me the Ranch Waters there were in the can, not made fresh. I am not a fan of the canned stuff, at all, so I would have picked something else had I known.

It was a good experience and I look forward to taking my family back to try all the other things! Bonus is you I'll be able to walk around the Stockyards with them afterwards and have a little of that famous family fun they are known for.


The rush seemed well managed, but I'd suggest getting there before 9:30am on a Saturday if you want your choice of seat.

Take friends so you can share multiple things. That's where I messed up here!

Plan to spend some time in the Stockyards after. You can even walk around with your adult beverage if you like - they allow that kind of fun here!


It's hard to have anything but positive things to say about a place that specializes in biscuits and tater tots, am I right?

I'll be back many times I bet, especially once my kids discover it! They have a way of "asking" for their fav places and this is probably going to be one of those. They even have chicken nuggets for the hard to please crowd.

I also like how budget friendly you can make this place. There aren't as many of those types of places in the Stockyards, so it is a welcome addition and option for we hungry foodies.

- Monica

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