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You Gonna Eat That? HG Sply Co

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Looking for a different style of "health-food"? Typically healthy restaurants are lighter on sauce, seasonings, and can be called "rabbit food" far too often. I didn't say that was a bad thing, I happen to love rabbit food, I'm just noting the distinction so you can see what makes this place so special.

At HG Sply Co they have a slightly different take on what healthy food means to them.

For them healthy is less about the calories in the food and more about where it came from, how it was processed (minimally is the goal), and providing reasonable portion sizes. Don't let the portion sizes comment scare you. That doesn't mean they are bringing you a bite-size meal by any means and many of their items are shareable if you aren't super hungry. It just means that one entrée isn't going to feed up to three adults like some places like to do.

There also seems to be a reduced carbohydrates focus here. They don't exclude them, as they are a necessary nutrient, but they are reduced and the ones they use tend to be a healthier version (i.e. sweet potatoes and quinoa). All good points in my book.

I didn't know this until I wrote this review, but the Chef behind this place is a highly creative Top Chef contestant, Danyele McPherson. She has Remedy Burger in Dallas and additional HG Sply locations in Dallas and Trophy Club. She is young and inventive. HG Sply is setup to be very Paleo-friendly, but those following Keto, non-dairy, or vegetarian lifestyle will have plenty of options as well. And if you aren't on any of those plans, you'll love it just the same.

This place is consistent. My food tastes pretty much just how I remember it from the last time, every time. Consistency is very important in my book.


I'd call this AMERICAN mostly with some influences from other ethnicities, such as Tex-Mex, Asian, and Italian. It's a melting pot.


  • Appetizers - $4-17; if you go during happy hour, many of these are 1/2 off.

  • Entrees - $12-24

  • Brunch - $13-18; they also offer their regular menu during brunch.


HG Sply is located in the University Park area, in the WestBend retail area at 1621 River Run. It is in the back of the retail center along the river.


There is a free parking garage, sometimes valet, and if you get real lucky you might get some retail level parking. As things open up post-COVID the parking gets more challenging down there. The garage usually has plenty of spaces available though.


HG Sply is laid-back with a focus on their river view. I'm pretty sure they have the most patios in Fort Worth. There are several options available to get your outdoor feast on.

You'll find all types of folks eating here. From TCU students, to a group of professional women having a cocktail hour with friends, families, and even the solo travelers like myself. It's pretty welcoming and enjoyed by everyone.

I like walking to here from Trinity Park, having a bite, and then walking back.


  • Kids - Our kids love the chicken strips. No over-processed frozen strips here!

  • Pets - The restaurant is more outdoor patio than indoor space, so Fido is welcome.

  • Healthy Eating - lots of options for eating high-quality minimally processed foods here.

  • Vegetarian/Vegan - they've got a really yummy vegan queso for goodness sakes. You're welcome here.

  • Happy Hour - They have lots of different options and great specials. The Cucumber Smash on a warm day is really refreshing.

  • Patio - most seats in the house get a river view. It's hard to beat.

  • Date Night - the food is impressive and the atmosphere inviting. If you sit inside though it can get a little loud at times.


I went for an early dinner on a Friday night, around 5pm. I was able to get seated right away on one of the outdoor patios, but about 6pm that starts to turn into a wait if you didn't make a reservation (especially to sit inside when it's hot out). My server was attentive and fun.


I've tried so many things here. Some of the top dishes I didn't have today:

  1. HG Chips & Queso - even non-vegans will like this spicy queso, and that's hard for me to type because most vegan cheese products you get taste like crap. But since this is not overly processed or made to sit on a shelf, it's vegan queso at its best.

  2. Bison Chili Frito Pie - I don't know that I need to explain that any further. SO GOOD. If I take someone new it's the first thing I try to talk them into sharing with me.

  3. Shaved Brussels Salad - eat it as it comes or add a protein to it. The produce is fresh and the nuts, cranberries and dressing really go nicely together.

  4. Bunless Burger & Caesar Wedge - a great option for those not looking for the bun. The chimichurri onions, bacon, and egg really make it unique.

  5. Fried-Rice Hunted & Gathered Bowl - works with any protein really. Cauliflower rice, honey-garlic brussels sprouts, and a sunny side egg... it's so good you will not miss the rice.

What I had today:

  1. Hummus & Veggies Snack - a carrot-based hummus with stacks of fresh veggies for dipping. You can get a sharing size or a snack size.

  2. Bison Chili - chilis, bison, black, kidney, and pinto beans, topped with cheese & green onions. Served with saltine crackers.


The carrot hummus is one of my favorite things. The combination of the creaminess of the carrot with the toasty crunchy almonds is something I really enjoy. The veggies are crisp and usually include a mix of baby carrots in a variety of colors, cucumbers, snap peas, and small sweet bell peppers. You won't find pita bread here but I really don't miss it. This dish fills me up without feeling overstuffed - the right way.

Now to the chili. Let's go ahead and get this debate out of the way. Yes, I am a stickler that competition chili shouldn't have beans - meat and gravy only. But everyday chili, I have no problem with the other stuff in it, as long as the gravy and meat are still the stars. This chili has beans, but they don't overdo it and I'm not going to complain about extra fiber to keep me fuller longer. It has a solid kick to it, so this isn't for the kiddos unless they're into that. It's filling for me so I got the cup instead of the bowl since I was also having the hummus snack.

Gotta save room for Ranch Waters!


If you're showing up during busy times (evenings and weekends) I recommend reservations.

Take friends so you can share a bunch of things. Their appetizers really are worth the trip. Their side dishes are also amazing. I've made plenty a meal with just side dishes here.

After your meal there is plenty to do. There is yoga, a spa, and several stores to shop at - or you could just talk a stroll along the river.


HG Sply Co is a great place to experience healthy on a different level. It is unique and I find myself going back time and time again.

It's consistency and atmosphere are top notch, which speaks to why it is so popular!

I didn't review the brunch this time, but I assure you it is worth a trip.

- Monica

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