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You Gonna Eat That? Bankhead Brewing

Bankhead Brewing is a a brewery and restaurant marriage that go together better than these concepts can at times. It is newer to Fort Worth, having opened in May of 2021. The restaurant was founded in Rowlett 5 years ago. This is their first location in Fort Worth.

With them they brought a whole host of their craft beers on tap and a menu of bar food, that isn't your typical bar food. Don't fret, this is a brewery concept that offers a full bar as well, for those that can't or don't want beer.

The portions here are plentiful so come hungry! They have a bit of something for everyone, kids included. Don't let the beer-themed coloring books scare you off - they are quite relaxing.


Bankhead Brewing is AMERICAN food and PIZZA.


  • Appetizers - $10-14

  • Entrees - $12-25


Bankhead Brewing is located in the Arts District at 611 University Drive in Fort Worth.


Yes, we are back in the Arts District where parking is a real challenge. Same here. They have a small private lot you can park in if it isn't crowded, but otherwise you'll need to seek street parking. At night it seems to be more of an issue than lunch time.


Bankhead Brewing took over the former space of the Deep Ellum Brewing. They didn't change much about the space aside from giving it a more industrial-style paint job. There are large tables, a huge bar, and exposed ceilings.

They did a good job keeping the décor relatively simple with some eclectic pops, like the hubcaps designating the women's restroom.

It's a place that feels welcoming to all. I've been there solo, seen people on dates, as well as several families. Most of all, everyone I have encountered that works there has been genuinely friendly and has top-notch customer service skills.


  • Kids - They can be a little noisy and it isn't bothering anyone.

  • Happy Hour - They have something for everyone here, all made well.

  • Business Lunch - Impressive food in a central location of town.

  • Date Night - Don't let the industrial vibe fool you. This place fancies its menu up a bit for the dinner crowd. There are several of the lunch items still available, but they add a few high end options in the evening.


I've been for dinner and lunch. This particular visit was lunch on a Saturday with my family after a birthday party at the zoo. We parked easily and has no issues with service. She even remembered my daughter's and I from when we were there a couple of weeks prior.


Some of the things that sound like I need to come back:

  1. Lobster Mac & Cheese - made with béchamel and four different cheeses!

  2. Street Taco Wood-Fired Pizza - complete with fajita beef and jalapeno cream.

  3. Fire Roasted Pork Chop - with sweet potatoes, broccolini, and crispy onions.

  4. Crab Stuffed Prosciutto - with shrimp and avocado risotto.

  5. Beer Sriracha Cheese Soup - sounds like it might be worth the cheese on this one.

What I had today:

  1. Stuffed Avocado - brisket, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli, and cilantro sour cream.

  2. Southwest Salad - corn, black beans, cheddar, pico, tortilla strips, and chipotle ranch.


We weren't super hungry since we had snacked at the birthday party. Those snacks were donuts and cake, so my husband and I were both interested in something a little light.

We split the stuffed avocado appetizer and southwest salad. The photos below are my portion only. They were kind enough to separate our salads for us so we didn't have to, nor did we have to ask.

The ingredients in the salad were fresh and crisp. I could have used a smidge more dressing. My daughter stole most of my avocado and once they realized how delicious the tortilla strips were, they were gone too. The corn being roasted is a nice addition of sweet to the chipotle ranch.

The brisket stuffed avocado was quite good. It was pleasantly surprised at how well it all worked together and the slight kick it had. I was worried it would be too mushy, but the avocado still had its integrity. It paired really well with the salad as it had similar ingredients and the salad brings a crunchy element to the party.

My kids had the chicken strips and fries. Their fries are very reminiscent of McDonald's, but longer in many cases. I'd just order fries and a drink and be happy.


The portions are quite large in most cases here. I ordered the brussels sprouts appetizer when I was there for a snack one day and there was lots left on the plate, and not because it wasn't good. It was a little rich for me between the butter and pancetta so that slowed me down. That and the brussels sprouts were huge!

You can get some of their salads in smaller, half-sizes, for when you aren't as hungry.


Bankhead Brewing was a place I went in on a whim one night when I couldn't think of something I wanted to eat for my me-time. I drove by here, remembered it used to be Deep Ellum Brewing, and figured why the heck not! I'm glad I did.

These folks are friendly and pretty much everything that can be wood-fired, is. That's pretty cool and tends to produce tasty crusty results.

Next time you need a little coloring book therapy, think of Bankhead.

- Monica

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