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You Gonna Eat That? Austin City Taco

This is one of those small, hip restaurants in a bustling area of town. It's a place to get a quick bite when you need or take the time to have a few margaritas... whatever your pleasure.

Don't go looking for any simplified street tacos here. These things are huge in size and flavor. It has more of a BBQ Taco Joint feel, which is so very Austin - their goal.

There are some standards that stay on the menu but they change up the menu when they feel the need and also offer a monthly taco feature. You can get those 50% off on Taco Tuesday's.

But wait, there's more! They serve breakfast tacos all day long, have great $5 frozen margaritas, and a selection of salsas that will leave you craving them after you've gone. The fresh jalapeno one is my favorite.

The Chef behind this concept is none other than the one behind my favorite special-evening spot Magdelena's, Juan Rodriguez. Oh, he also competed on a little show called Chopped on the Food Network. He has worked and learned in many of Fort Worth's best restaurants. He represents his Latin heritage well in what he does, with his own twists.

Careful now, those margaritas don't play!


This is a TACO place by all accounts. They do however offer a few other options, like their bowls, so let's just call it MEXICAN and LATIN.


  • Appetizers - $4-7

  • Tacos - $4-6, they are large and filling. I can only do one.

  • Bowls - $10-13


Austin City Taco is located in the Arts District at 517 University Drive in Fort Worth.


As with every place in this area, there is a small number of parking spots for the restaurant with street parking available. Parking is what I would say is this areas biggest challenge.


Austin City Taco is a hip Austin-style eatery. The décor is clean and simple, but not cold. They incorporate wood tones, greenery, and artistic touches to warm it up.

They had a small outdoor patio prior to COVID, but they have since added on an additional patio that includes picnic tables and party lights. Inside is simple and clean as well, but the patios are the best seats in the house.


  • Kids - Their kids meals are very reasonable and the ingredients are high quality.

  • Pets - They have two patios for the furry friends to join you on.

  • Vegetarian - They only have one vegetarian taco remaining on the menu but they have other things for you as well - and the taco is really stinkin' good.

  • Happy Hour - They have more than just margaritas, I've heard. Their regular frozen margarita is only $5 all-day, so it's like happy hour 24/7 there!

  • Patio - Take your pick of the two!


I went for lunch on a Monday with my husband. Parking was easy and we were able to order pretty much right away. You order at the counter here and they'll call your name when it's ready. You'll be bussing your own table too. It's a great fast-casual counter service place, without the feel or taste of one.


Some of the top dishes I didn't have today:

  1. Cheat Day Queso with Fries & Chorizo - I'll say that again for the people in the back. They have french fries... topped with a really yummy queso... then topped with chorizo.... eat it!

  2. Brisket Bowl - Smoked brisket, cilantro rice, black beans, corn elote, cheddar cheese, cilantro, and sliced jalapenos come together really nicely here.

  3. SoCo Taco - Fried avocado, shredded cabbage, cilantro, queso freso, buttermilk ranch, and a flour tortilla makes you forget you're eating vegetarian.

  4. State Fair Taco - Fried chicken, diced potatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon jam, buttermilk ranch, and a flour tortilla.

  5. Chorizo & Egg Breakfast Taco - Eggs, chorizo, cheddar cheese, and a flour tortilla. Simple and served all day.

What I had today:

  1. Guacamole - with chips

  2. Zydeco Taco - Hot and spicy fried chicken with Louisiana hot sauce, ranch, tangy slaw, cotija cheese, and a flour tortilla

  3. Revolution Taco - Chopped brisket, fried onion strings, ranch, cilantro, and a flour tortilla.


Austin City Taco has one of my favorite guacamole's because they don't skimp on the lime, cilantro, or salt. It's creamy and has a real brightness to it, which I enjoy. My husband usually gets one just for himself because he doesn't like to share it.

The Zydeco taco is their newest addition. It was definitely spicy but in the best way. It wasn't overwhelming. The pickled slaw and cotija cheese complimented the hot sauce quite well. The chicken still retained its crisp, even after being tossed in the hot sauce fun.

The Revolution Taco has their fantabulous brisket on it. You can tell right away this is not your run of the meal BBQ brisket meat, it is extra smoky and deep. The fried onion strings aren't the thin fried ones you get at most places. These are sizeable and the batter isn't overly greasy.

You best pick up a fork when you're getting your order from the counter. I've never been able to eat one of their tacos and look cute doing it. It's messy. That's how you know it's good.


Ask for the sauces! I cannot stress this enough. They are delicious.

If you decide to have more than 2 margaritas, you might as well cancel the rest of the days plans. They are stout and they are addicting. Once you start, it's hard to stop.

Take friends and share the bounty! There are so many options you'll want to try, but these things are sizeable for tacos so you won't be able to take down as many as you think.


Austin City Taco is a go-to place for a relaxed happy hour with a friend. You can't beat the atmosphere, location, or the margaritas! Have I stressed enough yet how good the margaritas are? I feel like I haven't.

If you want legit BBQ inside of a taco, not because they are using the taco ingredients to cover up the sub-par brisket, this is your place. Every ingredient shines on its own.

They do to-go orders conveniently through their website also, including those yummy margaritas. Ok seriously, I'm done talking about the margaritas... for now.

- Monica

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