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Tissue Paper Painting Project

The girls and I setout to try a new painting technique we saw on Pinterest. We knew going in it could be a fail, because it's Pinterest. So we went with what we thought was the best strategy and said we would be flexible and make a completed piece of art, no matter what it wound up being in the end.

The medium we chose for this project was TISSUE PAPER, yes, the gift/craft paper type. Our initial plan was to try the tissue paper water color technique (putting tissue paper on the canvas with water, letting it dry, then peel it off and you have a watercolor type painting with the paint).

Well, you guessed it... it was a #pinterestfail for sure! None of the color transferred, so we decided we would do additional research and try another time on a smaller canvas.

But we soldier on. Plan B was using the tissue paper as our paint brushes instead. Success was had, so this is the tale of THAT type of tissue paper painting.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Shop for Supplies

Who doesn't love a trip to the HobLob?!? We three ladies sure don't turn it down!

Our purchase for this project included an extra large canvas, 5 different colored tissue paper packs, larger bottles of paint (not the smaller sample/value pack size), a small round paintbrush, scissors, and a jar of gold flake.

Step 2: Gather Supplies & Make Your Tissue Paper Paint Brushes

SUPPLIES NEEDED: paper towels, white paint and any other paint colors you're going with, large flat paintbrush, large canvas, large easel, disposable plates, paint spatula (if mixing paints), and the tissue paper.

To make the tissue paper paint brushes, just pull it in different directions and wrap the bottom to make a make-shift handle.

Step 3: Paint Away!

Using the large brush, paint the canvas white so it gives it a quality backdrop for the colors to pop off of. I only did a single coat on this one.

Add your colored paints to the plates and get to painting!

The key here is to DIP the tissue paper in the paint and DAB it on the canvas.

Just keep going until you get it just how you want it!

Step 4: Dry the Painting

We sped up our drying time with the use of the hair dryer. But the canvas should be pretty dry, especially on the sides because you are going to take it to the floor next!

Step 5: Time to Apply the GOLD!

We are a bit fancy so we decided (with zero knowledge on how to apply it) to grab a small container of gold flake to add to our painting. Turns out we needed some water-soluble adhesive, but we found some spray adhesive in our craft closet and figured we give it a shot!

Spray some "tiger stripe" lines on the canvas where it has a slight thickness on the canvas, then shake the gold flake on it and, using the small paintbrush, tap the flakes onto the adhesive.

Let the adhesive dry and then take the painting outside and gently wipe off the excess gold flake.

Step 6: Sign Your Masterpiece & Enjoy!

The girls and I opted to put our fingerprints on the painting as our markers. So just paint a small amount of the color of your choice onto your finger and gentle press it to the canvas. Try not to move it around, just place it directly on and and directly back off.

We will definitely be doing more of these! This bad boy is going front and center in our living room. We had a blast and are all proud of the finished product.

A really cool component is if you let the tissue paper disintegrate a bit, it addS some texture to the painting.

I cleaned up the floor (vinyl plank) with some glass cleaner and a paper towel - clearly we are using ACRYLIC paints.

We look forward to seeing what you all create!

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