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Rest in Peace Sweet Zoe

Today is a day I knew was coming for some time. Honestly, I thought it would have come sooner than it has. It was time to lay our old girl Zoe down and say goodbye to one of the most loyal, noisy, hair-tumbleweed producing, love-bugs that is always there when she is needed.

Always at the ready.

Her sight and hearing diminished some time ago, but other than that, she was still doing her thing and doing it well. Today, we woke to find our 14-1/2 year old German Shepherd had lost control of her limbs. We knew it was time. I immediately started crying, because it's just what I do. I keep going and I work through it, but not without the water works. It's not possible.

We scheduled her appointment for 5pm, as the girls had a sleepover to get to at 2pm and wouldn't have to be around for the final portion of the day. They helped us say goodbye to our sweet girl how she wanted it... with her family, outside, just her.

After she started getting her wits about her a bit better, we loaded her up in the car, drove through the McDonald's on the way, and headed to Trinity Park for a hamburger picnic with her favorite people.

She was so chill and just enjoyed the attention, the breeze... and the burgers and fries!

Zoe is a treasure. Her loyalty to us has never waivered. She protected me when Phil would be gone for weeks at a time in the oil field and was Phil's truest friend for 14-1/2 years.

Our house will be quieter, cleaner, and sadder for some time. She will be missed by us, the fur-siblings she leaves behind, and all of the family and friends of ours she encountered along the way - probably not the mailman or food delivery people though.

She was the best at giving people the "what for"!

I'd tell you how the actual appointment went, but it was such a blur all I remember is the tears and how heavy the sadness and sorrow felt - and continue to feel. HSPs and grief aren't a good combo.

She was kind enough to give me a few GOOD pictures of herself finally. She is a notorious photo-ruiner! Today though, she really put on a show for me. She knew I needed it.

She gave us her best and we gave her a great life in return. She will be desperately missed the first hundred times I'm not accosted by her barks when I come home, or the doorbell rings, or someone has the audacity to walk down our street, or the doorbell on tv rings... or I just set a damn glass down on the counter (my bad!). I've always said I won't miss that part, and I won't... but I will for a while.

You can stand down my friend.

Your watch has ended.

I love you B. You will be so fondly remembered and talked about the rest of our lives. You are fierce, you are loyal, and you are at peace now.

- Monica

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