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Fall Decor - It's finally time, look alive people!

To anyone that knows me, they know Fall is my favorite season and October is my favorite month.

Not only was I born in October, but it is about the best month of weather in Texas you're gonna get, which means something. There's also my 2nd favorite holiday, Halloween!

The only reason, and I do mean only, that Thanksgiving is higher than Halloween is I'm a sucker for stuffing and I like the eat a big lunch, watch some football, take a nap, do it all again for dinner situation.

Back in the day I used to throw some decent Halloween parties and I attend many more. I am a big big fan of getting dressed up and getting to spend a little time as whomever you want to be that year.

My collection of décor has gone to essentially nil over the last several years as we've made space for kids and outgrew things style-wise. I'm a relatively minimalistic decorator to begin with, as it is best for my personal space to be clutter-free and soothing. I don't need ALL THE THINGS to look at when I'm in my safe zone (home). So the last couple of years we have been selecting a few items each season that are more our style and speak to us in that moment. Although we don't have LOTS of things, we have ones that we like and enjoy putting out.

I had no intention of posting décor posts like this because, frankly, it's not anything I really made

or can teach you how or anything special really. But after lunch today the girls asked to go the little pumpkin patch they saw on our way, so we did. We originally said we were not going to purchase anything... but sometimes the gourds just speak to you, ya know?

We would up with one large pumpkin, even though I could have bought enough to fill my car I love those things so much. We also got a few little mini gourds to put in the flower basket by the front door.

This isn't a fancy post or a long one. But I still love to decorate for Fall and I'd love to see what you all are up to this season!

- Monica

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