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Deep Thoughts - Love, what is it good for?

I say it all the time. I'm perfectly fine on my own. I like me. I got me. I trust me and my intentions. I like my groove, my space.

My desire to have someone in my life to DO LIFE with isn't about not enjoying my own company or not having enough self-confidence.

I truly believe I am here to give love and to receive love. That's what it's about. Not just the love in me or for myself. But others, the community, animals, all of it... We are here to give and receive love to one another. It sets us apart. Otherwise we are just animals trying to survive. And I've got waaaay too much extra love laying around to give to believe that.

I also don't think we are here to "do it alone" or handle it all ourselves. We are to support and be supported by the community we've chosen, be it large or small. Everyone playing a part. If you're doing it all alone, or it feels that way, you might take a closer look.

Same in romantic relationships. In all the craziness of the last 2.5 years, I believe it's super nice to have someone else to depend on, to help carry the load, to open your mind to something you may not have thought of, to support your dreams, and hold you when life just gets too hard - or better yet, remind you of who the fuck you are when your doubts creep in. Which life always does and the thoughts always do.

You can't be the only one giving it either. In order to keep your love abilities as abundant as they should be, you've got to receive love from others in your daily life. You've got to allow others to help fill your cup. You must be vulnerable enough to let that love in and accept it. And continue to make that choice, even after you've been hurt.

I'm up for the challenge. I'm a big hearted bitch. Ain't no stopping that.

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